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Consultation Rates


One on One Consultations
Sessions are available at variable lengths and while shorter appointment
s may be available, they are not recommended for new clients so that we may build a rapport and truly get to know one another. 


A $300 deposit is required for all appointments.

This may be paid for through either CashApp or BTC/ETH

Steal Me Away

All Weekend        $7,000


Slumber Party

Overnight           $4,000


Make a Night of It

Entire Evening    $2,600


Intimate Getaway

3 Hours             $1,300


Getting to Know You

2 Hours              $1,000


A True Introduction

1.5 Hours           $800


Quick Visit for Old Friends

1 Hour               $600

Additional Booking Information

I welcome couples and love working with them to create a shared fantasy there is a small additional fee of $200/hr. When hiring additional consultants please match the rate to whichever is highest. Further, an additional $200/hr is needed for all submission and kink appointments.


I can meet you either at your residence or the hotel of your choosing. If needed, I am able to book a location in Manhattan for our meeting subject to an additional $200 to cover planning expenses. 

If our time comes to an end and you just have to have more, there is an extension fee of $400/hr.

To sponsor a tour to your city, please book a three hour or longer appointment and cover the cost of travel. I would love to meet you in your city!



As a low-volume, selective consultant, the time I set aside in preparation for and during our consultation is valuable. In the event that you need to cancel our engagement:
48 Hours Notice - 25% cancellation fee
24 Hours Notice - 50% cancellation fee
12 Hours Notice - Full session fee


Cancellation fees may be applied to future appointments at my discretion.


Same day dates are rarely available and subject to a $200 rush fee when they are.

The Fine Print

A $300 deposit is required for all appointments.

This may be paid for through either CashApp or BTC/ETH. 

Appointments for an entire evening or longer require at least one meal be provided, don’t worry, room service counts! 


Overnight engagements must allow for me to catch up on beauty rest so I can be my best for you and one hour to get ready in the morning. 

I do not take consultations in Greece.

I welcome clients of all genders, races, orientations, and ability. I also love working with newbies!

Fees are compensation for my time and conversation only. 

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